Consumer behavior studies

The Jembe is a new, one-of-a-kind publication that offers brands access to valuable cultural insights through articles, reports, and interviews written by industry professionals. The rich cultural diversity of America is often not reflected in consumer insights, causing companies to leave opportunities and revenue– on the table when their messaging or product offerings do not resonate with crucial demographics.

Every story on The Jembe is based on primary research and written by research practitioners. We gather insights to tell consumer-centered stories from a wide range of industries, including IT, Retail, Healthcare, Tourism, Media, Education, Manufacturing, and more. The Jembe helps brands gain valuable cultural insights from consumers and B2B professionals.

Additionally, The Jembe also features an ongoing series of informative interviews conducted with industry leaders covering a wide range of topics, including challenges, opportunities, and success stories in their respective industries. These interviews go beyond surface-level questions to dive deep into the habits and thought processes of top executives. Our readers will have an invaluable opportunity to learn about market trends as well as tips and tricks from thought leaders on how to excel in their industries.